Wholesale saffron, bulk saffron supplier

Wholesale saffron or bulk saffron is one service from our services package that we provide to all of the spice and herb businesses. in other words we don’t just supply saffron for your business, we will be your business partner and we will be by your side to develop and grow your business. supplying saffron is the last step of our services.

We want to create values for all parties of the transaction and make a profit from your profit.

The rules of our working profession

Regular supply

Regular supply and increase quality are some of our professional work routines. we know how brands are born and how survive. we will not just be your supplier, we will try to build and expand your business.

wholesale saffron

Meet our second home

Product development based on your market needs

The market is continuously changing and if we persist in our old methods we will lose the market. we collect market data in 3 months periods and analyze them with our business partners around the world. the result is clear, we keep pace with the market.

first market research and then saffron producing based on market needs.

Money-back guarantee

As we said, we are not just supplying your saffron, we are your business partner and if for any reason you will back your money we are ready to support and cooperate with you.

Types of saffron can be supplied

If you look at the saffron retail market you will see more than 20 types of saffron. all of this saffron is categorized into 4 main family and other types of saffron are subtypes of this group. we can supply all saffron types with a focus on your market needs.

4 main saffron groups are as followed:

  • Pushal saffron
  • Negin saffron
  • Complete saffron string
  • Saffron root
  • Saffron petals
  • saffron extracts

wholesale saffron

Location and quality of saffron production

More than 90% of world saffron is produced in Iran and then send to 5 big exporting hubs. our team makes an efficient saffron farm network in Iran to create values for both saffron buyers and producers. so, our main saffron farms are in Iran.

to study our basic values you can read about us.

wholesale saffron prices

The saffron market is not a static market, it is a dynamic and changeable market. so if you want to have the daily saffron price, you can contact us and we will keep you informed of the latest prices and trends. our pricing method is based on the production cost and we don’t care market shelf.

The big share of the wholesale saffron price back to farmers. this is our value and we don’t want to harm them. we know the rules of commerce very well and also, we love to make more money but not in this way.

wholesale saffron packing

Our wholesale saffron packaging has 2 methods and one rule. we can supply saffron for you on the bulk scale and without any label or packing. also, we can provide saffron packing with your private label. these methods can be changed and fit with your market’s needs.

Also, we have a rule, the ultimate saffron packing should include the identity and name of the saffron farmer. please notice that we don’t want to mention our brands in your product or any other promoting for us, we just want to mention the saffron farmers’ sign.

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