If you are on this page, you are interested in using saffron in your business or want to expand it with saffron. We are here to help you do this, Kohan Rishe has a team of the best specialists in production, processing, and trading saffron, and one of our services is wholesale saffron.

Kohan Rishe is not a big saffron producer, we have just built a network of the best and most efficient saffron farmers around the world to optimize the saffron value chain and help you have the most suitable saffron for your business needs.

We want to create value for all parties in the transaction and make a profit from your profit.


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Greenhouse Saffron Cultivation Course

With this method of planting saffron, you can grow saffron with the highest productivity anywhere in the world.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Products list

There is a wide range of saffron products on the market, some of which are suitable for your business and some of them are not useful to you. This is our specialty, and we can convert saffron raw material into the most efficient product for your business.

Suppose you are the producer of a healthy product. In this case, you don’t need an expensive Negin saffron family. All of the beneficial ingredients of saffron are in the saffron root except crocin, so if you want them, you can use saffron root and pay a low cost for it compared to Negin saffron family.

We had a customer from one of the Arab countries who wanted to have organic saffron in high volume, especially for himself. In other words, he wanted to invest in a saffron farm and have his favorite saffron for a long time, and whenever he likes, he can make some changes to the Production Process.

The investment was made. Now our businessman friend owns a one-hectare saffron farm with an annual harvest of 10 to 15 kg of saffron.

The Saffron industry is growing every day, now, there is a futures stock market in Iran, and the saffron price determines at the moment. Iran is the biggest saffron producer in the world, and the cost of saffron in the consumer market is strongly dependent on Iran’s saffron market. (Even this can be a great investment opportunity for you)

Our product and service portfolio is a collection of investment opportunities and product offerings in the saffron industry. Some of our products are as follows:

Wholesale Saffron Packing

Our wholesale saffron packaging has two methods and one rule. We can supply saffron for you on a bulk scale without any label or packing. Also, we can provide saffron packing with your private label. These methods can be changed and fit your market’s needs.

Also, we have a rule; the ultimate saffron packing should include the identity and name of the saffron farmer. Please notice that we don’t want to mention our brands in your product or any other promotion for us. We just want to mention the saffron farmers’ sign.

Sargol saffron

Where do saffron products come from?

More than 90% of world saffron is produced in Iran and then sent to 5 big exporting hubs. Our team is made an efficient saffron farm network in Iran, Afghanistan, USA, UK, and Spain. This network is created to make the most value for saffron buyers and producers. (1)


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Saffron Planting Course

Join us in The Saffron planting Course for a fascinating exploration into the monumentally important and mysterious world of saffron!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Wholesale Saffron Prices

The saffron market is not static. It is a dynamic and changeable market. So if you want to have the daily saffron price, you can contact us, and we will keep you informed of the latest prices and trends. Our pricing method is based on the production cost and we don’t care about the market shelf.

Considering the production costs of saffron in saffron-rich countries, the minimum price of wholesale saffron can be estimated at around 2,000 $ to 3000 $ per kilogram of saffron in 2022.

The big share of the wholesale saffron price back to farmers, this is our value and we don’t want to harm them. We know the rules of commerce very well and also, we love to make more money, but not in this way.

wholesale saffron

The Rules of Our Working Profession

1. Regular Supply

Regular supply and increased quality are some of our professional work routines. We know how brands are born and how they survive. We will not just be your supplier, we will try to build and expand your business.

2. Product Development Based on Your Market Needs

The market is continuously changing, and if we persist in our old methods, we will lose the market. We collect market data in 3 months periods and analyze them with our business partners worldwide. The result is clear, we keep pace with the market.

First market research, and then saffron producing based on market needs.

3. Money-back Guarantee

As we said, we are not just supplying your saffron, we are your business partner and if you want to cancel the transaction for any reason, we are ready to cooperate with you.

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