Did you buy some saffron and now want to know how to use saffron? We can help you to use it most efficiently. When we purchase saffron threads, we can’t use them without doing any process on them. In other words, it is not a good idea to use saffron in raw form.

It’s better to grind and then brew them to release their active ingredients and chemicals that cause the power of coloring, such as crocin. If you use them without grinding and brewing, probably you have lost the final miraculous taste of saffron.

how to use saffron

How to Use Saffron

We can prepare the saffron seasoning in a pure or impure form, which backs our desires and inclinations. We can blend saffron with other spices or herbs and make professional and magic spices mix, or we can use it purely and without mixing with other things.

It is necessary to mention. Raw saffron is the best type of saffron to buy and use. This type of saffron has the lowest probability of fraud and usually is original.

In this instruction, we want to describe using saffron in powder and liquid form.

Step 1: Prepare Saffron

To start, buy saffron threads and prepare them for grinding. Note that take the required amount of saffron and do not take more than enough. If you grind and prepare saffron for use, you should use it in the short term, and you can’t store it for a long time.

The most extended shelf life belongs to raw saffron, and after that is the powdered form and, at last, the brewed type.

You probably don’t know how much saffron you should use for cooking, which is an important issue. Just enough to use one time and find what you should do.

Step 2: Grind Saffron

We should grind our saffron and convert it to powdered form in this step. This process leads to realizing the active ingredients of saffron and can increase saffron coloring power. Crocin is the coloring factor of saffron, and when we grind saffron, it can be released and activated.

The best type of mortar for saffron is wood and porcelain mortar, and metal mortar leads to burning and some damage to saffron and its ingredients. You can add some sugar or a sugar cube to saffron and then grind it; this helps grind better and not burn saffron.

how to use saffron

Uses of Powdered Saffron

When you powder saffron stigma, you can store them for some time and use them when you need them. This form of saffron can be used in foods that need to be cooked and should be at one stage of the cooking process.

Some of the powdered saffron uses are as follows:

Step 3: Brew Saffron

Brewing saffron is the next step. In this step, we should brew powdered saffron with boiling water, and this process takes up to 10 minutes. It is necessary to mention if this process is done quickly, your saffron is probably counterfeit.

The original saffron needs at least 10 to 15 minutes to complete brewing, and if this process is shorter than this, some additive compounds are probably added to it.

Tip: Observe the proper brewing time and do not allow the saffron solution to boil further. If brewing takes longer than the appropriate range, the saffron perfume ingredients will evaporate and make the room fragrant, and we will probably no longer have the aroma of saffron in our food.

brew saffron

Brew Saffron with Ice

May you think this is an unusual and uncommon method for brewing saffron and this is true. But according to the best chefs and food experts, this is the best and most efficient method for using saffron. So in this method, we have the highest rate of coloring and active ingredients release.

Take a few ice cubes and mix them with powdered saffron in a container. This process will take until the ice cubes are completely melted, and after that, you can use your brewed saffron in your foods and drink.

how to use saffron, brew saffron with ice

How to Use Liquid Saffron

Liquid saffron can be used in multiple types of food and drinks, and some of the most popular of them that need liquid saffron in their ingredients list is as follows;


In this post, we learn how to use saffron and what is the best-used method for this spice. Don’t forget that using ice for brewing is the best method, and don’t process saffron more than your daily usage.

Also, we are providing and developing some educational documents for the economically saffron conversion to high-value processed products, and we will publish them soon. If you have any questions about using saffron, you can contact us in our channels, and we are ready to answer.

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