Maybe the first question mark for us after buying saffron is how to store saffron, and of course, this is the correct question. Saffron is an expensive spice for most of us, and this is important to know how to store and maintain it in the long term and high quality.

We have prepared some methods and practical tips to achieve this goal, and we hope they will be helpful.

how to store saffron

How to Store Saffron at Home

There are two main methods for storing saffron used by businesses and home consumers.

  1. Freeze brewed saffron
  2. Storage of ungrounded saffron

The first method is suited for some who use saffron continuously and don’t want to spend time everyday grinding and brewing saffron. In other words, some businesses like restaurants and other food producers that use a daily saffron basis can use this method to save time.

The second method is suited for ordinary consumers that want to store saffron for the long term and don’t need ready-to-eat saffron at any moment. In this method, we can keep saffron for a long time with the initial quality.

It is necessary to mention, that the best saffron performance is the ungrounded storage method, and this is important to know we should not grind and brew saffron more than we need at any one time.

When we grind and brew saffron, it will be ready to use, and if we don’t use it, probably its active ingredient is reduced, and ultimately its quality gets reduced.


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1. Store Brewed Saffron

As we said, this method is suited for some people that may need saffron at any moment and probably don’t have enough time to grind and brew saffron at that specific time. This method lets us store saffron for 2-3 weeks and uses it in a few seconds.

We should first grind saffron and then brew it with ice or boiling water, and then we have to put the prepared saffron solution in the freezer or refrigerator at a temperature of 2 degrees after cooling.

Our easy-to-use saffron is ready, and we can use it whenever we want.

2. Storage of Ungrounded Saffron

It is the best method for storing saffron in the long term and lets us have high-quality saffron at every moment on our shelf.

Before everything, you should know we can’t store fresh and humid saffron, and we must first dry it. So, if you buy new and undried saffron, first dry it and then keep it.

The best condition for storing saffron is a dark, dry, cool, and no air circulation place. This place can maintain the main saffron ingredients and properties for a long time and allow us to enjoy the taste of saffron.

The best containers for packing and storing saffron that can meet the above conditions and be easy to use are metal and glassy containers; our recommendation is not to use plastic containers for saffron storage. These containers are ideal for maintaining saffron ingredients in the long term.

how to store saffron

How long can saffron be stored? (Saffron Shelf Life)

It is back to multiple factors such as the type of saffron, production process, maintenance, and purpose of use. But if the best maintenance condition has been done, we can store saffron for three years without quality loss.

If you have a business and want to store saffron in high quantities, it’s better to check the keeping place every month and ensure that the storage conditions are ideal and the quality of saffron is not reduced.

Also, if you have special conditions and need unique guidance to maintain saffron, you can contact our support team for advice.


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