1. Supply of spices

the base of our services is supply of spices. we have a efficient spice farms network that produce all types of spies and it’s processed products. this farms are based on our standards and our standards based on market. in other word market is our pattern and everything will be arrange with it.

our spice farms locate at 3 countries and we can present complete portfolio of products.

we are committed to be regular, accurate and professional. so, if you want to enter spice business or want to expand your business with spice we can help you.

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2. Product development

almost every time market is changing and we need to sync with this change. we have a regular process of product development that supported with some of academic researchers in Mashhad and Berlin.

if you have a good idea for develop of spice business we can support you to design and test it.

3. Market analysis

as we say, our pattern is market and we always do market research and analysis data. we collect some information about Consumer behavior, Production and consumption rate, Retail performance and Investments.

we provide comprehensive annual report every year and you can use of it for picking up your business strategy.

4. Provide investment tools

There are many investment opportunities in the spice industry and we can help you to check them out and login. some of this opportunities as followed:

  • spice cultivation
  • spice Commodity Exchange in Iran
  • spice processing and production of by-products
  • Creating and expanding new markets
  • and more…

5. Advertising

do you want to expand your brand awareness or want to find new market. we can help you to increase you sales. our website receives a lot of specialized traffic on a monthly basis, and this can be a golden opportunity to grow your business.

6. Expansion of spices cultivation

One of our important specialties is the promotion and training of spice cultivation and we can help you in this regard. You can get in touch with our farm technical team to get started.