What is Saffron, Divine Miracle from Nature

Saffron is the most popular and expensive spice all over the world. nature wants to give us a gift, this gift can improve our health and also it can improve the taste of our food. Happiness and health are the message of Crocus Sativus for us.

Be aware, it may be your next business or even the next meal. It can save you from depression or improve your facial skin structure. This is back to your goal of using that, saffron is very generous.

What is Saffron Exactly?

Saffron is a spice that has multiple medical and spicy uses in our world. This magic spice is a product of a plant named Crocus Sativus that is a domesticated species of the crocus family, so probably we have some species of this plant in nature that aren’t edible.

Crocus sativus produce saffron flowers and saffron flowers should be harvested and cleaned to be obtained saffron threads. Saffron is the initial and raw material of Crocus Sativus that can be used directly or processed to saffron by-products such as saffron extract.

You can see in the below picture saffron flowers and their product.


Saffron Benefits

Saffron benefits are the why for the popularity of saffron between the people. In another word when we want to buy a spice for our foods, we care about our health and saffron can be our hero in this case.

Some of the saffron benefits for health are as follows:

  • Anticancer
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Improve heart function
  • Help to weight loss
  • Improve structure of hair
  • Prevent and improve depression

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How to Use

How to use saffron is very simple, powder it, add boiling water, let it brew. Now you can add this extract to everything that you want.

So follow this method:

  1. Grind saffron strings with a mortar
  2. Add some water to the powder and let it boil
  3. Brewing should belong for 30 minutes
  4. Your final extract is ready
how to use saffron

source: persianfoodtours.com

Saffron Uses

It’s better to say in short, we have no limitation for using saffron. We can use it in every food, drink, and any other food type that exists in the world, it is dry and hot naturally and can be compatible with any food culture. We prepared a list of the most famous saffron foods and drinks in this post.

  • Saffron tea
  • Saffron milk
  • Saffron rice
  • Saffron ice cream
  • Paella
  • Risotto
  • Saffron fish

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The Best Saffron in the World

To find the best saffron in the world we should look at saffron producer countries in the world. Countries such as Iran, Indian, Greece, Afghanistan, and other countries are the biggest saffron producer in the world.

Iran is the biggest saffron producer in the world with a production of 430 tons of saffron in 2019, also Indian farms with 22 tons are in second place.

Based on our researches and customer feedback in more than 10 countries, Persian saffron is the best saffron in the world. This is natural and back to their experience and power of production. Also, you may hear something about Spain saffron and Spain brand company.

Based on our researches Spain is a big trader in the retail market but doesn’t have much production. Iran farms produce raw materials and export as wholesale to Spain companies. Be aware we are speaking about 60 tons of worlds saffron that are in this cycle.


The Role in Human Culture

Saffron’s role in human culture is very obvious and also complex if you look at Persian lifestyles you will find this can’t be only a common spice and have a serious role in their life flow.

We asked Persian people about their feeling when they are using saffron, and their answer was as follows:

It brings to my life, good feeling of the past days for me.

It is part of my childhood identity.

Every year, we distribute saffron syrup among the residents of the area.

Also, a spice trader says to us; there is always some saffron in the house of Iranians, like bread or anything else essential. Some of the most important roles of this spice are as follows:

  • As a gift
  • Ceremonial drinks and celebrations
  • Business
  • Food industry
  • Medicinal plants industry
  • Advanced pharmaceutical industry

Business Opportunities

USA spice market is one of the biggest and best markets in the world. The average saffron price in the USA is high and we have an exceptional opportunity to produce and trade saffron. The amount of saffron imported to the USA is about 20 tons per year and the most pessimistic consumption is close to 100 tons.

This was a small gap in this market and there are multiple opportunities like this in over the world. Markets like China, Europe, and Arab countries are ready for the formation of saffron businesses. China is one of the best regional markets for saffron trade.


Saffron planting is the start point of this cycle. we can plant this spice all over the world and there’s no serious limitation for us. We need 10 tons of saffron bulbs per hectares and then we can harvest 20-25 kg of saffron for 7 years.

Note that we cultivate once and harvest for up to seven years, after seven years, your saffron bulbs propagative and have increased up to seven times and you can increase your farm area up to seven times.


This spice has the highest development and process capability between other spices, in the eyes of the people, saffron is the king of the spices. So we can create added value by converting it to multiple products in the health and food industries.

Do you want to get an idea? first, go to saffron benefits and learn about its benefits, then go to market and find gaps, now start to analyze and make values.

Author Notes: The world of this spice is so much bigger than this, so I just refer to some aspects that are less mentioned. if you want to get more information about it, we can talk directly on Kohan Rishe social.

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