Saffron uses in cooking, food and drinks

Saffron uses in cooking is very extensive and we can use saffron in foods, drinks, and desserts and in food cultures around the world. in fact, we can use saffron in every food and we have no limitation in this case, remember that your sense is more important than limitation.

In this post, we prepared a list of saffron foods that you can use in your daily food regime and enjoy them. also, these foods can have lots of benefits for your health and we recommend focusing on saffron benefits in these foods besides them an excellent taste.

saffron uses in cook restaurant

saffron uses in cooking

Saffron uses in foods

We add spices to our foods to create some value on a common thing. we usually want to have more health benefits, beauty, and exciting taste. spices can significantly increase our quality of life and give us a better feeling.

But sometimes these features aren’t well understood by us, but we use them again, we added some spices to our foods but we don’t feel any change in taste or the appearance of food. maybe we use it again and again and for a long time. so why do we do this?

Yes. we want to be healthier. we know most of our foods aren’t good enough and can’t help us to be healthier and this is why we use food supplements in our foods. saffron is a good choice that can give us anything we want. Health, Beauty, Pleasant taste and so more…

saffron uses in foods

Saffron can use in a large number of foods and we have no imitation in using saffron for foods, but there are some foods that are a part of our food culture and we use them more often. some of these saffron foods are as follows;

  • saffron rice
  • Saffron rice milk
  • Saffron Roast Chicken
  • French fish soup
  • Saffron halva
  • Saffron fish
  • Paella
  • Risotto
  • Saffron bread

saffron uses as a dessert

Masghati is very delicious sweets that are very common in Iran food culture. these sweets are widely used in celebrations and ceremonies and are rich in energy and protein. masghati is made with saffron and some of these sweet ingredients are as follow;

  • Vitamins such as A, B, C, and E
  • Protein
  • K, Ca, P, Mg, Zn, folic acid

saffron uses in drinks

Saffron can make a magic sense in your drinks, just try it. some times we add saffron to our drinks to make some better taste and sometimes our drink is based on saffron. for example, the Saudi people never serve their coffee without saffron.

There is also a significant portion of alcoholic beverages that are prepared and consumed using saffron. as like saffron used in foods and desserts, we can use saffron in our drinks and profit from its benefits.

saffron uses in drinks

saffron tea

These are some of the most common saffron drinks that people like and use them.

Saffron syrup is one of the most important drinks of Iranians in their religious ceremonies. this drink is full of energy and it can be great for hot days of the year.

This list of saffron foods, drinks, and desserts is updated continuously and if you have a saffron recipe we will be happy to publish it in our blog.

Place of saffron in foods

Most people imagine that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and don’t use it in their foods regularly and just use it in special moments. also, some people think using saffron continuously can harm them and have some side effects for them.

First of all, we should mention that saffron isn’t so expensive spice and we need just a low amount of it for our daily consumption. we can compare it with other spices or medicinal herbs and we find the reality. for example, our family saffron usage in the year is finally about 50g and this isn’t a very high cost in our cost basket.

Also when we speak about saffron side effects our point is to use much saffron in a long term and in a pure state, not in composition with foods. we know that saffron can have some side effects for us and this is natural, just as any medicine can have side effects for us.

So we can use saffron in our daily foods and enjoy it. using saffron can prevent us from some diseases such as depression, cancers, and some metabolic disorders and this will be very valuable for us. don’t forget that the most valuable investment is investing on own health.

The best type of saffron for cooks

If you are a professional cook that means is you will use much amount of saffron in your work and need high quality and reasonable price saffron. there are some saffron types in the market that developed for home consumers and naturally aren’t suit for you.

All red saffron is the best choice for cooks and restaurants. this type of saffron has high coloring power and low saffron price in comparison to other saffron types such as negin saffron.


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