All saffron types are obtained from the saffron threads, and saffron threads are obtained from saffron flowers, so we have a kind of flower that can be processed into different types of saffron with various features. This process is done after harvesting saffron, cleaning and drying saffron strands.

We decided to prepare a guide to help you identify and then choose best saffron type to have a satisfying experience with your purchase. We hope you find it helpful.

Saffron Types Based on ISO 3632

Every country and group of people may have a particular saffron categorization system or even know saffron by other names. Still, there are some standards developed by the big saffron producers country and world organizations to identify saffron spice and its types.

ISO 3632 is one of the most important of them, and based on we can categorize saffron into five groups.

  1. Negin saffron
  2. Bunch saffron
  3. Pushal saffron
  4. Sargol saffron
  5. White saffron (Saffron root)

Each of these saffron types has some unique features for identifying and pricing in the market. The people of a country usually like a particular style of saffron and most of the time buy it. This increases in using increase the export of that type of saffron to that country and reduces other types of saffron in that market.

For example, the people of Arab countries like the Super Negin saffron from the Negin saffron family, and for this reason, most of the Super Negin saffron that produces in the world is exported to these areas.

saffron types

Types of Saffron and Diagnosis Guide

1. Negin Saffron

Negin saffron family is the best type of saffron in the market and has the highest price among saffron types. This type of saffron is obtained from the highest part of saffron threads, so it is entirely red (saffron stigma), and there is no yellow part in it.

Negin saffron has the highest crocin rate among the saffron types and, due to this, has the highest coloring power too. This saffron is very beautiful, and it is usually used for special ceremonies and guests.

Negin saffron types

Negin saffron family consists of some subtypes with the same features with slight differences. Super Negin is the best subtype in this family. This family is most of the time known by Super Negin. The other subtypes, such as Grade 1 Negin, grade 2 Negin, and pseudo-Negin, have lower popularity in the market.

  • There are no yellow and white parts between the strands
  • All strands are smooth and without wrinkles
  • Beautiful and radiant color
  • All strings are separate

2. Bunch Saffron

The bunch saffron is the most basic type of saffron, and in the production process, a string of saffron dries completely, and no part of it is detached. Bunch saffron has the red, yellow, and white features of saffron threads and has all possible active ingredients of saffron.

This type of saffron has its special customers, and it is sold at a lower price in the market in comparison to Sargol and Negin saffron family.

As you can see in this picture, this type of saffron has specific features, and we wouldn’t have any problem identifying it. This saffron has a unique shape and appearance, and an essential point in identifying it is that this saffron is ‌bunched, and its strings are not separated.

bunch saffron

3. Pushal Saffron

Pushal saffron is the third type of saffron in the market. It contains the red and yellow parts of saffron threads and has a lower price than Negin and Sargol in the market.

The main part of this saffron is the red part, and if the yellow part is more minor, the saffron will have more value, and this is because of the number of active ingredients in the red parts. The typical values of the yellow pieces in this type of saffron are 3 to 5 mm.

We have some features and criteria for identifying Pushal saffron, and some of them are as follows:

  • The strings may also have a white part
  • The strings are intertwined and curled
  • All three strings may be stuck together
  • Brilliant color

saffron types

4. Sargol Saffron

Sargol saffron is the typical saffron that sells in stores and is used in restaurants. It has red parts of threads and doesn’t have any yellow or white saffron parts.

Also, it has the highest rate of crocin after the Negin saffron family, and this is why it has a high price in the market compared to Pushal and Bunch saffron. Sargol saffron, unlike the Negin saffron family, has more fragments and fractured threads, and like the Negin saffron, all the strings are entirely separate.

Sargol saffron is also known as all-red saffron in Europe and has many fans.

Sargol saffron

5. White Saffron

White saffron or the saffron root is a type of saffron that has all saffron benefits at a meager price, but it doesn’t have any crocin, and for this reason, it can’t make saffron color in foods and drinks.

Saffron root has the white and yellow part of saffron and can have some saffron taste in foods and drinks. This type of saffron can be used to process new saffron products used for saffron benefits.

saffron root


You can choose and buy among saffron types, and there is no limit on price and taste. If you are worried about the saffron price, you can buy saffron root and enjoy the original benefits of saffron.

We know that the Negin saffrons are the best group of saffron, but this is not true for everyone. If you are a local restaurant, you can use All red saffron or Pushal saffron and have Negin’s saffron features at lower costs. Choose wisely.

Please share your experiences with using different types of saffron with us to provide a good guide for people who want to buy saffron.

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