saffron threads

saffron threads or saffron stigma is the main part of saffron flower. saffron threads categorized in the most expensive spices group and this is not by accident. saffron threads have specific benefits and its production is very hard.

my family plant saffron for centuries and our mission was saving water and create some job. this is message of saffron, peace and happiness for everyone and saving water. let’s get more acquainted with saffron threads.

Saffron threads structure

Saffron flower is the main product of saffron farms and if you look at to the saffron flower you can see 3 main part:

  1. Stigma (red)
  2. Saffron petals (purple)
  3. Flag (yellow)

saffron threads

we have in the First step harvesting and cleaning of saffron flowers. In the cleaning process 3 mains parts of saffron flowers separated and drying in the saffron dryer machine.

When the initial product of saffron harvesting the product is wet and should be dry (wet = 8%) to be suited for storing and using. The saffron dryer machine does that work and reduce humidity of saffron flower products.

Stigma (saffron threads)

Saffron threads actually are stigma of saffron flowers and the color of them is red. saffron stigmas consist of 3 part that contain red part, yellow and white part. The red part have high amounts of crocin and this subject is the reason of saffron color.

the value of each saffron product back to the rate of crocin in the stigma. for example super Negin saffron type only has the red parts of saffron stigma and the rate of crocin in this saffron type is more than 290. the power of coloring in this saffron type is very high.

the natural saffron threads have Irregular stigma and are not so shine. if saffron processing be natural and done with handy method the ultimate product will be original and beautiful.

Saffron threads types

determining saffron type is based on the way to cleaning and drying saffron. whatever doing this work get harder and more expensive increase saffron price. for example 1kg super negin saffron needs to harvesting about 100kg saffron flower and needs many of people for cleaning and processing that.

some of saffron types shown in this picture. each type of this saffron have special application and way of using.

saffron types

saffron root is the white part of saffron threads. this part of stigma haven’t power of coloring and this mean is the low rate of crocin. saffron root in contrast of low color power have lot’s of saffron benefits and is a new pharmacological target In the pharmaceutical industry.

saffron root can use in the foods, drugs and other common food products. forget the beautiful color of saffron for some minute and just think to the magic saffron benefits.

Saffron threads benefits

each part of saffron threads have specific benefits. for example the red part have lots of good ingredient such as antioxidant, vitamins and rare minerals. the rate of crocin in the up of stigma is have high rate and in the bottom of stigma have very low rate and this is the reason of price difference in 2 parts of saffron stigma.

saffron benefits is clear for everyone but if we want to define some of saffron benefits we can refer to:

How to use saffron threads

there’s lots of saffron product in the market and each of them have a specific product consumption recipe, but now we want define how to using saffron threads. whenever you want to use the saffron threads only pick up the mount you need in this time and don’t pick up more.

10 to 15 threads enough for 4 people in a meal. take a sugar cube and grind saffron with it. when saffron and sugar cube powdered you can brew saffron. this is easy, we should chopping and brewing saffron to release it ingredients. then we can use the brewing saffron in our foods and drinks such as saffron milk.

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