saffron tea, benefits and side effects

saffron tea is an Iranian traditional drink that using several times a week. this drink is full of powerful antioxidant and lots of rare mineral that are useful for us. this features of saffron tea was for our health, but this is not the whole of this drink.

sometimes you are tired of work or upset for everyday problems and want to drink something to changing your mood. saffron is a good choice for you health and happiness and it’s a good drink which don’t harm you or make you addicted. saffron is a gift from nature to us and we should appreciate it.

saffron tea recipe

let’s go to see how to make saffron tea. for making a drink with saffron we should have saffron and the dry tea.

first powder saffron and add some boiling water to it. after than 5 minute add some dry tea to the teapot and add water to fill the teapot. wait for 25 minute again to brew saffron tea completely. if your saffron brew in a low time probably your saffron is not original.

your divine drink is ready for you.

saffron tea

photo by Gastric bleeding

saffron tea benefits

  1. saffron tea benefits for skin
  2. saffron tea for sleep
  3. saffron tea foe weight loss

saffron tea benefits for skin

saffron have 2 properties that have positive effect on your skin.

  1. antioxidative properties
  2. anti-anxiety and stress

I want to refer the direct and indirect mechanism of saffron tea benefits for skin. saffron tea have lots of powerful antioxidant such as crocin and safranal that are helpful for beauty and radiance of the your skin. our skin is exposed to the environmental factors (UV and other) and free radicals is producing.

free radicals attach to our cells structures and leads to loss of cell function. imagine some of your face cell under attack of free radicals and loss of their function. in this condition your face cell change and your beauty will be in danger. saffron tea can fight with this destructive factors and save your structure of cell face.

all of us know that saffron can be efficiency for depression and stress. this disease have direct effect on our skin health and if we can control the initial disease of this effect we can save our skin from secondary damage.

so, stress and depression = skin injury and if we control the stress and depression in fact we save our skin. saffron can do this mission for us.

saffron tea for weight loss

I want to refer to my own weight loss era, I was 18 years old and have 80 kg weight and height 160 cm and ultimately after 2 year I could weight loss for 20 kg and I was very happy. I do 3 main thing at this era:

  • avoid of using high energy foods such as sweets (reduce calories entering the body)
  • increase energy consumption with high rate aerobic exercise and other same thing
  • maintain body stability (I use of saffron tea and some of vitamins to Maintain body stability)

I can success and my weight loss project successfully completed. the first and second item are the basic of weight loss and the third item is the trick of this process. this section help me to avoid of disease and upset in weight loss this time we need some food that have lots of mineral and other helpful agent with low calories.

this is the rule of right regime, eat the foods have high nutritional value and low calories.

you can also read saffron for weight loss


saffron tea for sleep

do you have restless sleep or are you awake sometimes for all the night? one of your choice is using chemical drug which regulate the rate of melatonin in your brain. all of us know that each any manipulation of the natural process of the body can have side effects.

this is the function of chemical drugs and sometimes is very necessary too, but cause of this disease usually is chronic effect of our lifestyles and chemical drugs can’t correct our lifestyles. research shows that saffron can be very effective in correction sleep disorders.

so you can drink saffron tea several time per week and about 1 hour before go to bed. this can help you to have good and deep sleep.

saffron tea side effect

every thing exist in this world have two face; if we use it moderately will be good for us and otherwise can be harmful. saffron follow this rule too and if we use it more than enough we will be in probable danger. some of this drink probable side effect are:

  • stimulate the body
  • gastric bleeding
  • decreased appetite (maybe side effect)
  • contraindicated in pregnancy
  • poisoning (for above of 3 g per day)
  • kidney damage in very high consumption

drink saffron tea in several time per week and do not overdo it. in this condition you will benefits of this drink and have happy life.

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