Persian saffron rice, story + recipe

saffron rice and chicken is one healthy and popular foods in middle East, Mediterranean and Indian countries. we are speaking about simple rice and chicken with saffron seasoning. saffron can convert this simple food to a first class food.

many of you know how to prepare this food and we want to discuss more about benefits and story of this food.

saffron rice recipe


this ingredients list provided for 4 people and this food can supply 190 kcal of our needed daily energy.

  • 4 cups white saffron
  • 4 pieces of chicken
  • onion
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 2 potatoes
  • saffron (10 to 15 saffron threads)
  • tomato
  • Spices (salt, pepper and other)
  • 150 grams of peas

how to cook saffron rice and chicken

at the time of preparation of this food we can add saffron to rice and chicken. so start cooking chicken with saffron and some of other spices. this back to your tools and interest. Iranian people like fried chicken and first fry the chicken thoroughly and then cook it with other ingredients.

in the second step you can cook combination of white rice and saffron rice or add saffron liquid to whole the rice and cook saffron rice. this decision depend on your budget and amount your saffron available. remember that don’t grind and brew saffron too much need.

you can read the complete cooking recipe in multiple sources and we don’t want talk about repetitive subject.

Persian saffron rice

A little about saffron rice

saffron rice usually use in family gatherings many of world countries. if you ask one of this family about saffron and their feeling about it, probably you will face with terms such as: happiness, smile, family, delicious and respect.

when we want to have a nice time with someone or want to respect someone, cook saffron foods such as saffron rice. some of this situation are as follows:

  • Wedding
  • New Year celebrations (Norouz ceremony)
  • Religious ceremonies
  • family party

and everything else that has to do with happiness and respect. this is the mean of saffron for people. this perfect sense start with smell saffron threads and be continued with eating saffron rice or other saffron foods.

saffron rice

saffron rice benefits

I have a question from you! why we adding spices or other additives to our foods?

most of the time we want to make our food tastier and healthier. fortunately saffron do this the best form and we can trust it. some of this benefits are as followed:

  • Neutralize toxins and additives left on rice (antioxidative activity)
  • Create a very pleasant taste
  • Create variety and beauty in foods
  • one of the best way to benefits of saffron properties are foods

frequently asked questions

is saffron rice healthy?

we speak frequently about saffron benefits for health and one of the best way to benefit of saffron is adding saffron to foods. so if saffron be useful for us, saffron rice can be useful for us too.

where is saffron rice from?

Iran, Indian or anywhere else. it’s not important where is saffron rice origin. nowadays saffron rice use frequently in Iranian food culture. this is better to say saffron is the an important part of Iranian culture.

is saffron rice good for weight loss?

yes, according to research that conduct on this field saffron is efficient for weight loss. you can read saffron for weight loss for more information.

is saffron rice an expensive food?

this type of saffron foods usually categorized in medium cost food group and almost everyone can cook and eat it.
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