Saffron production review (update 2022)

We can start a saffron production business with 2 visions, economic and experience target. the difference in these methods is their scale. we can plant saffron in a pot to get some experience about saffron planting or we can grow saffron in the ground for economic targets.

So, we have two saffron planting models. saffron planting on the farm and saffron planting in the home. saffron farms are the driving force of the saffron industry and they are the main factor of saffron price in the market.

The saffron production industry has some new trends in these years and one of them is local saffron production. every country and farmer likes to plant saffron and this is natural and comprehensible. but can this decision be right? we will explain some of the effective terms of this new trend.

saffron production

saffron producing countries

some of the main saffron producing countries:

  • Iran
  • Indian
  • Greece
  • Afghanistan
  • USA
  • and some small and local producers
Saffron production isn’t a new trend in the world and many of country someday planted saffron. but now and today some of the countries such as Iran, India, Spain, China are the leaders of this industry and some other countries are trying to plant saffron too.
Please notice that saffron producing and saffron trading are two different concepts, for example, Iran is the biggest saffron producer in the world but it may isn’t the owner of the largest saffron brands.
Spain’s saffron production is lower than 10 tons per year and this is while Spain is the biggest saffron exporter country and is the biggest saffron retailer in the world. do you think this equation is difficult?
Spain is the big trader and Iran is the big saffron producer and wholesaler.
saffron production

which country is the largest producer of saffron

In short, Iran. based on the last published information, Iran is the largest saffron producer in the world with more than 430tons of saffron production per year.

If you travel to Iran and especially east of this country, you will see a lot of saffron farms that produce and process saffron. I recommend remembering the below names, these states are the heart of the world’s saffron.

  • Mashhad city
  • Qaen
  • Greater Khorasan
  • Torbat Heydariyeh city
  • And more…

Saffron production decreased by 50%

2021 was very an awful year for saffron farms and their production decreased by 50% In the most optimistic way possible. Drought and traditional saffron planting are the main factors of this decrease in production.

This decrease in the supply of saffron leads to an increase in the price of saffron in the market and probably we will have a shock in the saffron market. of course, this event is under the influence of saffrons company and big saffron brokers.

local saffron production

If you want to plant saffron, you can do it. It does not matter what country you are in or what your climate is, you can plant saffron. but there is one important question, does your saffron farm is economic?

There are multiple saffron farms in the world that plant saffron and harvest some product but can this level of saffron cultivation be competitive? we think this issue needs to be carefully considered.

If you want to plant saffron with an economic goal, you have to provide the best environmental condition such as suitable soil, water, trained manpower, and culture.

Remember government support or much money is not enough only and for the first step you should create a good culture. a good business flow needs a natural process of development and other short ways aren’t appropriate.

For example, we are witnessing a clever collective movement in the USA. Educational Centers, farmers, government, and markets are ready for a big change. undoubtedly, the United States will be one of the future players in the saffron market.

saffron production

What is the highest quality saffron?

We have just one type of saffron flower and one type of saffron thread and these threads can convert to some of the saffron types. the highest quality saffron in the world is Super Negin saffron that is the index of negin saffron family.

Other types of saffron are as follow:

  • Super negin
  • First-class negin
  • Saffron straw
  • Complete string negin
  • Saffron root

Also, there are lots of saffron process products in the market that specialized in one or some of the saffron benefits. for example, there’s a saffron extract product designed for sexual enhancement, this product is a combination of saffron ingredients and some other sexual enhancement materials.

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