Saffron price is not a fixed value in the spice market and it is related to multiple factors such as volume, origin, quality, and time, but eventually, everything is back to you and your needs and conditions.

We all know that grade 1 saffron is the best, and it’s better to use it, but we should consider that this statement is not valid for every consumer. Don’t use this saffron if you just want saffron benefits. You can use saffron root or Pushal and you will have whole saffron benefits at a lower cost.

Or if you own a restaurant or are a chef, you can buy saffron directly from a farm during the saffron harvesting season and pay a very fair price for fresh saffron.

We are here to help you find the best price of saffron based on your needs and interests in the USA, Canada, the Uk, and other high saffron price costs countries, in other words, this is a saffron purchase guide to help you have the best choice in the market.


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Zero Step

In this step, choose which group of saffron consumers you belong to, and we will offer you several excellent purchase offers according to your needs.

1. Home Cooking

If you are a home consumer of saffron, you probably need about 10 to 20 grams of saffron per year and this amount of saffron is categorized in the retail saffron selling market. If you live in the USA, you can buy your saffron from local saffron producers in Vermont, Washington, and Pennsylvania.



A Saffron Seller in California: $ 8 per gram of saffron, $ 50 per ten grams of saffron (Discounted)

Seller site


A saffron seller in the UK: 17 € per 0.6g and 9 € per 0.3 g saffron

Seller site


Another saffron seller in the UK: 6 $ per 0.2 g of saffron

Seller site

Golden Saffron on Amazone: 7.1 $ per gram, grade 1 premium saffron | 212 $ per ounce of saffron

Seller site

Persian and Spanish saffron by ZARAN: 2 grams of Top Persian and Spanish saffron 13 $ and ten grams of saffron 45$

Seller site

As you have seen, in the low volume scale and home consumers, there is not much difference in price between sellers, and our recommendation is to buy saffron from local farmers to help them and help your country.

We are compiling a list of saffron farmers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and if you wish, we can introduce you to the nearest saffron farm.

saffron price

2. Restaurants

According to our research and other sources, the popularity of saffron among North American and British restaurants is close to 5% and the popularity of saffron in recipes is about 1%.

We guess the reason for the low popularity of saffron in restaurants is its high price, and we think that we have a solution to be able to deliver the original saffron to restaurants at a very low price of $ 3 to $ 4 per gram.

Negin or Sargol saffron type is the appropriate saffron type for use in restaurants with high quality and lower prices than premium saffron. So the first thing is choosing the right type of saffron and then we can consider the other factors such as saffron production place, originality, and quality.

Buying saffron in high volume from local producers in England and North America is not reasonable due to their high production costs and it is better to buy Iranian or Spanish saffron. In the following section, we will introduce a number of saffron wholesalers from different origins to you:


Check the price and purchase of wholesale saffron of Afghan origin.

Seller site


Check the price and purchase of wholesale saffron of Persian origin.

Seller site

USA saffron wholesaler on Amazon.

Seller site

price of saffron

3. Retail and Commerce

The price of saffron in the high volume is determined during the negotiations, and we will only introduce a number of well-known saffron producers from different countries. 

The difference between merchants and restaurants is that they can interact directly with manufacturers and request the production of a specific product with specific features. For example, we had a customer that needed organic saffron and he wanted to monitor the production process to produce products with the highest levels of crocin.

We allocated one hectare of land in the plains of Iran for this work and carried out the entire process of producing saffron with the highest amount of crocin under the supervision of the customer. This saffron was grown with the aim of producing medicinal products raw materials.


Contact us to make a relationship with professional saffron producers in Iran, Afghanistan, Spain, and the United States. (American saffron growers are mainly based in Vermont)

[email protected]

4. Industries

Supplying the most efficient raw materials at the best prices has always been the concern of industries and production unit owners, and this is true about the most expensive spice in the world too.

We think that the main consumption of saffron is in the medical, cosmetic, and food industries.


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Medicine Industry

If you are a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in the field of medicine, you are probably looking for substances such as crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal in saffron.

You have two ways of achieving these substances. First, you can buy a high volume of saffron and extract its active ingredients, and second, you can buy saffron extract and use it in your production procedure.

This is not such a complex decision, and if there is a good saffron extract product on the market, it’s better to use it.

Cosmetic Industries

These industry needs are similar to the medicine industry, and saffron extracts are used broadly in these products.


Considering the production costs of saffron in saffron-rich countries, the minimum price of saffron can be estimated for this type of usage to be between $ 1,500 and $ 2,500 per 1 kilogram of saffron in 2022.

Wholesale saffron price


Saffron Price Determination Indexes in 2021-2022

1. Saffron Production

Saffron price like any other thing depends on supply and demand levels and saffron production level is the most important factor In determining the level of supply to the market. The biggest saffron producer with 94% of world saffron production is Iran, so if we want to analyze saffron production, we should look at Iran’s saffron farms.

2020 wasn’t a good year for Iran’s saffron farms, and farmers faced severe drought, this event leads to a significant decrease in saffron production level in 2021. The world’s saffron production in 2019-2020 was about 470 – 500 tons and estimated this rate will decrease to 350 – 400 tons or even lower.

So, this significant decrease in production is one of the most critical factors in the increase in saffron cost in 2021 and 2022.

saffron prices

2. Demand Level

We almost passed the acute coronavirus pandemic, and businesses and restaurants achieved relative compatibility. Saffron demand is the other important factor of saffron price and as we see in the market realities report, saffron demand is increasing and probably saffron price will increase soon.

Also, the coronavirus pandemic created new trends in the market. People now prefer to consume more herbs and more antioxidants in their daily regime. Now healthy foods are important and if you want to choose an additive for your foods, probably it is saffron.

3. Packing

The price of each product consists of some parts and one of them is packing. If you go to spice shops or big malls, you will see lots of packing models designed to attract customers and usually cost 10 percent to 40 percent of the product price.

We have some packing models that are based on valuable materials and precious art and have their specific markets.

4. Originality

Counterfeit product is a big problem in the saffron market, and some people don’t know the market rule and do everything to earn some money and are expelled from the market soon. They always find a new market to cheat in and make some money.

Original saffron has a specified price in the market, and no one of the farmers or traders don’t sell their product at a meager price to increase market share. This subject is back to our health, and we should be careful in the saffron supply chain to supply just original saffron.

saffron prices
source: Persian Saffron; A Travelogue


Our family has been present in the saffron market for many years and is closely associated with many saffron producers, distributors, and consumers. We do our best to reduce the production costs of saffron to everyone can benefit from benefits of saffron.

Tell us your needs, so we can introduce you to the best possible option. We don’t know all the influential factors in the saffron market and probably no one knows that.

But we guess saffron prices in 2021 and 2022 increasing and if we have decreased the coronavirus pandemic effect on the market, this increase will be more likely.

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