saffron planting in 5 steps

saffron planting is the first step of saffron business and if you want to enter the saffron industry you should be aware form saffron planting process. saffron have good potential for planting in soil and greenhouse and if you are near the equator and specially in Iran you are on the winning side of the game.

more than 140 country are the consumer of this spice and many of countries are saffron producer, but if we focus on commercial cultivation of saffron we can refer to Iran only. Iranian farmers produce more than 400 tons of saffron annually and export to 5 big saffron hubs.

saffron planting

when is saffron planting time?

the best time for saffron planting is summer. in this time saffron bulbs are in the sleep phase and ready to transfer from initial farm to the target farm.

what is saffron growing conditions?

some of saffron growing conditions are:

  1. the best growing condition for saffron is the -10 to +30 temperature. at low temperature saffron bulbs can starts growth phase and in the high temperature enter to the sleep phase.
  2. the next factor is dry whether, a saffron farm can’t survive in the wet condition.
  3. PH must be in the range of 7 – 7.5. note that the soil Should not be too heavy or too light.
  4. summer rainy weather can be very harmful for saffron bulbs and this is the reason of planting saffron in Warm and dry area such as Iran.

now look at to how a saffron farm is born and see how we produce saffron and prepare it to send to your home.

saffron planting guide

1. Preparation of saffron bulbs

we usually plant saffron farm in the summer and saffron bulbs are the seeds we use to plant saffron. you see in the bellow picture saffron bulbs that are ready to plant.

in this step of saffron planting we should separate the bulbs. when the bulbs are Sticking together the efficiency of saffron farm reduce and this is the main reason of taking bulbs out the soil after 7 years.

saffron planting

then we disinfecting saffron bulbs to protecting them from infectious and other harmful thing. plant saffron bulbs in the soil is the last thing we have to do in this step. in this farm we use the traditional way of saffron planting and in this method machines do not have any role and the human source do everything.

we must plant the saffron bulbs in the 20 cm down the soil. more or less deep planting can decrease the efficiency of saffron farm or even destroy the farm.

saffron planting guide

2. Irrigation of saffron farm

saffron is require low water. we irrigating the saffron farm four time in the growth period of saffron farm. the first time is in October. this Irrigating must be done deep and fully.

second time is done after harvesting saffron and third time in the January. the fourth saffron Irrigation can be ignored at the rain full time. saffron planting in Iran done in the best possible situation.

3. saffron harvest

If you come to our farm in autumn, you can see saffron farms in such a condition.