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Become a saffron expert

When we started our work in the saffron industry, There was no one to help us, and we were on the wrong way.

Years passed and we lost a lot of money and energy to reach a practical and repeatable version for everyone. We were looking for a saffron planting method that is not harmful to humans and nature, a way in which the farmer can produce a quality crop with the highest yields and live at a high level.

Now we have a workable version for all farmers around the world, this method has been implemented in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Britain, and the United States and has resulted in amazing results.

In short, we will be with you in this training course to learn how to grow saffron, solve problems and risks, and market your saffron in the most efficient ways.

What are our goals in launching this course?

Naturally, our first goal in launching this course is to earn money, but this is not our only goal, because money has never been enough.

Based on our concerns, we have defined missions for ourselves that are as follows:

1. Reducing the price of saffron and increasing its penetration rate among ordinary people

2. Optimizing the saffron supply cycle and reducing water and energy consumption

3. Increase the income and productive capacity of farmers around the world


  • Saffron planting training
  • Professional consultation
  • Suitable for personal and small scale planting
  • For 3 months


  • Saffron planting professional training
  • Greenhouse saffron cultivation training
  • professional consultation
  • Providing marketing and sales tools
  • Supply of automatic saffron planting machines
  • Access to Saffron Article Bank
  • Access to the global saffron database
  • For 12 months

Special facilities for less developed countries

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What are our tools and methods in this course?

This course is not a pre-recorded training program and its content will be optimized according to the individual and the desired environmental conditions. We use the following tools to convey the concepts of this course:

  • Videos
  • Texts
  • Guides
  • Images
  • Case studies
  • Direct communication (Our main method)

saffron planting course

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course

1. Saffron planting professional training

In this course, we will explain everything you will need to have a saffron farm. First, we should know what is saffron, and what it consists of, then we can find what we need to grow good saffron on our farms and this is so important.

There will be no specific routine for you and you will have everything you need specifically, and for this reason, the capacity of the saffron planting course is limited.

Some of the topics of the saffron planting training course are as follows:

  • Introduction to saffron plant
  • Investigating the cost and income of saffron planting
  • How to buy saffron Bulbs
  • Detailed study of saffron bulbs growth and propagation process
  • Investigation of different methods of planting saffron bulbs
  • Investigating alternative methods of manpower in farms
  • Fertilizer management and saffron farm nutrition
  • How to grow organic saffron
  • Irrigation of saffron farm
  • Harvesting and processing of saffron
  • Methods of controlling pests and diseases
saffron production graph

saffron production graph

2. Greenhouse saffron cultivation training

For most people and areas, planting saffron in the soil is a better option and planting saffron in a greenhouse does not seem very economical, but in this period we have tried to cover this method of growing saffron.

Some of the topics discussed in the method of growing saffron greenhouses are as follows:

  • Preparations for greenhouse cultivation of saffron
  • Benefits of greenhouses saffron cultivation
  • Suitable environmental conditions for greenhouse saffron cultivation
  • Suitable tools and equipment for growing greenhouse saffron
  • Prepare suitable saffron bulbs
  • Preparation of saffron cultivation hall
  • Transfer of saffron bulbs to the cultivation hall
  • Disinfecting the greenhouse hall
  • Harvesting saffron

greenhouse saffron cultivation

3. Professional consultation

Today, knowledge is no longer exclusive and anyone can achieve anything they want. In this course, we want to offer value beyond a number of educational topics, and that is the transfer of our experiences in the form of long-term specialized advice on saffron planting.

4. Providing marketing and sales tools

Harvesting saffron from the fields is not the end of the road, after that you have to process, package and sell your saffron.

We can be with you in this way, we will help you to market your product with the help of digital marketing tools and our experiences in packaging and selling saffron.

5. Supply of automatic saffron planting machines

New methods of planting saffron require new tools and equipment, and we have these tools and we can provide them for your saffron business. These tools and equipment can solve the biggest saffron cultivation problems that have plagued many farmers.

For example, we have saffron harvesting machines for solving harvesting saffron problems, this tool can help us to increase our harvesting saffron speed and reduce the required human force. If you have one hectare of the saffron farm, you will need ten people for harvesting saffron or one saffron harvesting machine and three people.

This is our solution and your choice.

Saffron dryer machine

Saffron dryer machine

6. Access to Saffron Article Bank

If you want to be a professional saffron producer, you must be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and be aware of the latest scientific changes. We will save you time and money and send you all the updated information.

Part of this important information about saffron is information about businesses and people active in the saffron industry, which we have access to a significant part of them, and we can provide it to you if you needed them.


Most frequent questions and answers

These trainings have no specific geographical restrictions and are used in all areas where saffron can be grown.

Saffron harvest per hectare of farm can be between 8 to 20 kg. (Many variables are involved)

In the traditional method 2 to 4 people and in the advanced methods 1 person

How to hold the course can be changed according to your facilities and conditions and in order to provide the best educational content for you.