Saffron petals are one of the saffron by-products that are cheaper than saffron and have lots of saffron benefits. These petals can be effective for depression, oxidative disorders, immune system disorders, and other systemic disorders.

The best direct using way for saffron petals is by making saffron tea, which is very useful for our health. Also, it has a very high potential for use as raw material in the food and health industries.

In other words, if you are looking for saffron benefits, you can find them in saffron petals at a lower price of saffron.

saffron petals dryng

Saffron Petals Benefits

Saffron petals’ benefits are based on their ingredients and all of these benefits have been proven in research and some of them have been verified by experience observations. These benefits are some of the most prestigious benefits of saffron petals.

  • Anti-bacterial (1)
  • Anti-spasmodic (2)
  • Immunomodulatory (3)
  • Anti-tussive (4)
  • Anti-depressant (5, 6, 7)
  • Anti-nociceptive (8)
  • Hepato-protective (9, 10)
  • Reno-protective (11)
  • Anti-hypertensive (12)
  • Anti-diabetic (13)
  • Anti-oxidant


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Saffron petals are a good hepatoprotective herb that can protect the liver from distractive agents such as CCl4, Acetaminophen, Gentamicin, and Cisplatin. It has been proven that the extract of saffron petals can reduce liver function indexes ALT, AST, MDA, and BIL.

We can treat depression with chemical drugs or medical herbs such as saffron. Do you know what the difference is? Chemical drugs may have serious side effects, and herbs don’t have them. Herbs can treat us slowly and at a low price, and chemical drugs treat us fast and expensive.

We can’t remove chemical drugs, but we can think of herbs as a choice at least.

Each of these benefits is a pure opportunity for the market. Imagine you live in a country that is getting old and need medicinal plants for health and one of the critical features of this market is competition. So, what do you think about saffron petals?

Saffron Petals Ingredients

You can see saffron petals ingredients in this list. The crocin rate is low, which means we have no typical coloring power in petals.

Also, you may think this amount of ingredients in comparison to some multivitamin drugs is very low but the researches show this low amount of valuable materials is much more effective than some of the same chemical drugs.

saffron petals ingredients

Saffron Petals Uses

Saffron petals can be used as industrial raw material and can be used to create tea and jam directly. In other words, if you want to use it edible, you can make drinks such as tea, and if you’re going to make a profit from it, you can process and convert it into new products.

For example, we can get the sweat of saffron petals. This extract of saffron petals is rich in effective ingredients and can be used as a new pharmacological target. Each kg of dried saffron petal can produce 7 liters of sweat, which is an excellent opportunity for the market.

Our development team works on new products such as saffron petal extract that can make this product easier to use. This extract will contain a high concentration of active ingredients of saffron at a low cost.

saffron petals

Pharmacy and Medicinal Plants

These petals have excellent potential for making saffron-based products and can have high added value. Saffron base products have a very high price in the market, and using this by-product of saffron can reduce your cost significantly.

Also, these petals can have high coloring power and are used in lots of industries such as textures, tiles, ceramics, and glass.


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