The Best Saffron Milk Benefits in Regular Diet

During our trip in the world of saffron, we came across the recipe of saffron milk, and now, we want to have a review on saffron milk benefits and look at the benefit of saffron milk for males, skin, heart, and depression.

Saffron milk is a common drink in some countries and people believe it benefits and prefers it to other unhealthy drinks. In other words, saffron milk is a delicious drink that can make our mood high and don’t harm us.

Saffron Milk Benefits

  • Increase skin clarity and radiance
  • Memory Improvement
  • Increase sexual potency
  • Anti-depressant
  • Improve heart health

1. Saffron Milk Benefits for Skin

Saffron and milk are a good mixture for skin and you can use them as a face mask or drink for your skin health. Our experience in the research center has shown that saffron has a positive effect on the lightness, clarity, and softening of the skin.

More than 50% of saffron production in the world is used in beauty products and pharmaceutical industries, this is not by accident or an advertising technique. If you look at the research paper in the scientific references you will find many articles that are speaking about saffron properties for the skin.

saffron milk benefits for skin

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2. Benefits of Saffron Milk for Male

One of the important saffron benefits is increasing sexual potency in males. Researches show that using saffron with milk can be useful for increasing sperm motility and quality. An increase of these sperm quality factors can be very Valuable for treating infertility disorders.

This research conducted a clinical trial on some men with average normal sperm quality of 27% and the average of normal sperm after using saffron arrive at 35%. This means is saffron can increase 8% in sperm quality index.

As a result of this reports, it’s stated that saffron have positive effect on morphology and motility of sperm but it doesn’t increases sperm count.


3. Saffron Milk Benefits for Heart

Saffron has 2 important benefits that are useful in heart disease, antioxidant properties, and anti-inflammatory properties. Both of these properties work in the same way and try to decrease the oxidation of fat.

Let’s look at a rule; low cholesterol leads to decrease heart disorders

Saffron is part of herbal medicine that can be used as a combination with chemical drugs for the treatment of diseases. One of the important properties of saffron is having some powerful antioxidant agents such as crocin and safranal that are helpful in decreasing free radicals.

Animal studies have shown that saffron can decrease as much as 50% of cholesterol and be helpful in heart, arteries, and blood vessel health. An increasing special antioxidant in our body can decrease free radicals, in order to decrease free radicals lower lipoprotein oxidation, and sediment on the cardiovascular system.

saffron milk benefits for heart

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4. Saffron Milk Benefits for Memory

One of the most important benefits of saffron is improving the nervous system. Lots of research verify the effect of saffron on the nervous system function. Of course, the mechanism of these functions is not well known but it has proven that they occur.

  • Anticonvulsant effects
  • Anti-Alzheimer effects
  • Antidepressant and anti-schizophrenia effects
  • Anti-Parkinson effects
  • Oxidative damages and neurotoxicity
  • Neuronal injury and apoptosis

Some of these functions have a complex mechanism and we don’t have enough information about them, but they have been proven in the clinical trials and our experimental observations. If you want to read the source of this research you can read this article.


As we said, this is our life and this is our choice, using saffron in milk can make our life quality so better and be away from us from diseases. Also, we have other herbal tea that is delicious and healthy, so we have a wide choice and if you don’t like saffron milk you can try them.

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