How to make saffron ice cream in 9 steps

Today we want to learn how to make saffron ice cream in the traditional method and in 9 simple steps. probably you make other types of ice cream before this and you know how ice cream is made and what we should do and this time we try to make saffron ice cream by traditional method.

Saffron ice cream is very common in some of the countries and it has a competition with other types of ice cream such as chocolate ice cream and others.

Saffron ice cream ingredients

  • One liter of milk
  • 250 to 300 grams of sugar
  • Half a glass of rose
  • Saffron (10-15 strand)
  • One spoon saleb powder
  • Pistachio
  • Cream (optional)

let’s start

saffron ice cream

step 1

In this step, we should put cream in the refrigerator to harden and have dry cream. spread the cream on a surface and place it in the refrigerator.

step 2

Mix the whole of milk with half of your sugars and put them on put on heat to boil.

step 3

Mix the Saleb powder with the remaining sugar, keep doing this until you get a smooth mixture.

step 4

Remove the milk mixture from the heat and add the mixture of step 3 to it and blend it. remember you should add mixture slowly and step by step.

step 5

In this step, we should add saffron to our mixture. take some saffron threads, grind and brew them and then add them to the mixture.

step 6

let it to cold. this is a saffron ice cream and it must be cold and delicious.

step 7

Add rose to the mixture and mix it again.

You can add pistachio in this step or add it on ice cream ultimately.

step 8

Put your saffron ice cream in the freezer and mix it in every 30 minutes. each time it gets harder and after 5-6 times it will be ready.

step 9

Cut the dried cream and add it to your ice cream.

it’s done.

saffron ice cream


Saffron ice cream calories

the calories of this ice cream depending on the amount of cream and sugar that you used. but we can say averagely 250 Kcal.

What does saffron ice cream taste like?

It’s cold, sweet, and rich in energy. (in my opinion)

What is saffron ice cream made of?

Saffron, Milk, Sugar, Rose, Pistachio, Cream, Saleb powder

What makes Persian ice cream stretchy?

Saleb powder can do this.

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