Saffron Flower | Crocus Sativus Flower

The saffron flower is the product of Crocus Sativus plants, and it is the mother of saffron spice. This species of the Crocus family is growing in the fall and can produce saffron flowers as a valuable product. Other types of this family can grow in another month of the year, and some of them can have products too.

These flowers grow all over the world and don’t have limitations in cultivation. Of course, the most common and important type of these flowers is saffron flowers planted in every garden and farm all over the world. Let’s get some information about saffron flowers and their components.

Saffron Flower Seeds

Crocus Sativus bulbs are the seeds’ of saffron flowers. If we plant saffron bulbs in the soil for once, we can harvest flowers for seven years. As you see below the picture, saffron flower seeds can be in various sizes, and if it is more than 8g, they can produce the flower.

saffron flowers seed

These seeds are Crocus Sativus seeds and growth in autumn, other Crocus family members can grow in different months of the year, and we can see them in nature all over the year.

Can We Eat Saffron Flower?

In general, we can eat all the components of a saffron flower, but how to consume each of these components is different, and we can not eat them directly.

For example, saffron petals are edible and should be consumed in saffron petal tea or jam but can not be used directly.

Saffron Flower Components

Every saffron flower has three main parts: saffron petals, threads, and flags.

Saffron Petals

Every saffron flower has six petals. These petals are edible, and we can use them as herbal tea or health products. This part of flowers has multiple benefits for our health, and according to their low cost, we can use them for processing new health and food products.

Saffron petals in natural are humid, and if we want to use or store them, we should dry them. We should decrease saffron petals’ humidity to 8% in the dry process. Also, this process leads to a decrease in their volume, and we can use or store them easily.

Saffron Threads

Saffron threads are the main products of Crocus Sativus and are used as saffron in the market. Every saffron threads have three segments.

  1. The red part (saffron stigma)
  2. Yellow part
  3. Saffron root

saffron threads

Saffron threads components are separated in the clean saffron process and produce various saffron types. It is more worthwhile that saffron products have more red parts and don’t have yellow or white pieces.

some of the saffron types that are divided from saffron threads are as follows:

  • Super Negin
  • Ngin
  • Straw
  • Screw Girl
  • Root


Saffron flags are the yellow part of saffron flowers and don’t commonly used and are usually thrown away.

Pictures of Saffron Flowers



mutant saffron flower



Morning saffron flowers


saffron flower

saffron flowers in the basket by “Benyamin Bohlouli” published on “Unsplash”


Saffron flowers in the evening

Saffron flowers in the evening by “Benyamin Bohlouli” published on “Unsplash”


saffron flower on desert

saffron flower on the desert by “Benyamin Bohlouli” published on “Unsplash”

This photo is one of the most beautiful images possible in relation to saffron. Thanks for Benyamin Bohlouli.


Bees on saffron flowers

Bees on saffron flowers by kohan rishe


crocus sativus flower

Crocus satius flowers with different colors


saffron flower on farm

saffron flower on farm


single saffron flower

single saffron flower


Saffron flowers in hand

Saffron flowers in hand


Saffron flowers in a sack

Saffron flowers in a sack



saffron flower


Saffron flowers collected to clean

Saffron flowers were collected to clean


saffron flowers and child

Saffron lifestyle is also present in the lives of children


saffron farm and saffron flowers

saffron farm




saffron flower at saffron farm

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