8 saffron benefits for health

saffron benefits for health is one of our reasons to attention and using saffron. in fact saffron is very useful for our health and sometimes can be a good replacement for chemical drugs. it can improve our everyday function and decrease side effects of our inappropriate lifestyles.

so, if you have stressful days and are worried about your health and beauty, one of the best choice that you can have is saffron. let’s go to have more information about saffron benefits.

saffron benefits

saffron is a herbal drug and multiple research and clinical trials conducted about it and it’s benefits. these researches are base on our conversations and recommendation about saffron and we try to combine these trials with our experiences and observations.

1. saffron for depression

if we want to speak about most important saffron benefits we can mention it’s benefits for depression. researches show using saffron can be prevent and improve depression and also it can decrease degree of depression and it’s side effects.

also, saffron can improve fluoxetine-induced disease after depression and improve life quality of the people have recovered from depression. we speak sexual disease that occur after using antidepressant and during treatment for depression.

happiness and calm are the only thing which you sense after smelling saffron and this is the why of spreading saffron in all over the world. so if you think you are in hard mental pressure and exposed to depression, use (30 mg per day) saffron for a 6-weeks course and after that use it in a regular food regime for years.

saffron benefits

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saffron for depression


2. saffron benefits for heart

heart attack is one of most important factors of the death of people in the world and the main cause of heart attacks is atherosclerosis and the main cause of atherosclerosis is LDL cholesterol. research has proven that saffron can decrease of 50% of LDL cholesterol and this is a miracle in the treatment of heart disease.

the second important benefits of saffron for heart is Anti-inflammatory properties of saffron that can decrease many of heart disease risk. so, if you want profited by saffron benefits you can use of saffron (10 to 15 threads per day).

saffron benefits for heart

do you see LDL in this artery?

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saffron benefits for heart


3. saffron for weight loss

the main rule of weight loss is;

  • Reduce calories entering the body
  • Increase energy consumption

almost whole of weight loss drugs base on this rule and help us to weight loss. the big question is What are these drugs made of? I know some of drugs that consist of narcotics and can weight loss fast, but do you think this is right?

I’m disappointed every time I heard that someone want to weight loss in a short time, remember that every success needs to cost.

saffron can help you weight loss by the below mechanisms and obviously doesn’t have serious side effects. for this target use of saffron in your diet. remember that don’t use excess saffron for a short time. the best strategy is that to be calm and consistent.

  • decrease LDL, TG and blood sugar
  • increase fat oxidation
  • increase energy expenditure
  • natural inhibitor of pancreatic lipase
  • inhibiting of LPL (LPL is an enzyme that effect on lipoprotein and release of it’s fats to blood)
  • inhibiting of glycerophosphate dehydrogenase (this enzyme active glucose by attaching phosphate to it)

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saffron for weight loss


4. saffron benefits for men

the title of this part is “for men” and we want to refer specific features of men. saffron can have positive effect on some of men disease such as improve erectile dysfunction, decrease side effects of antidepressant and improve infertility disorders.

this positive effect has proved in multiple clinical trials and review articles. in this articles mentioned that saffron have positive effect on the certain men disease with lots of unknown mechanisms and some of this factors are saffron powerful antioxidant such as crocin and crocetin.

saffron can have significant increase in the quality and morphology degree of sperms and this function can improve male fertility. with out any side effects and with low cost.

saffron flower

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saffron benefits for men


5. saffron benefits for hair

if you go to shops and search for something that have benefits for your hair you will face lots of products that composed saffron or other herbs. some of our experience and research shows saffron can be useful for beauty and structure of hair.

saffron can decrease stress oxidative and indirectly decrease of hair loss. also saffron have lots of rare mineral which are helpful in hair follicles strengthen and combination of these can help to repair our damaged hair.


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saffron benefits for hair

6. saffron benefits for skin

our skin is exposed to many of environmental factors such as UV, air pollution and physical injuries during the day that are harm for us. in this condition we should protect our skin and one of our choice is saffron. based on research that conduct in this filed, saffron can be very useful for our skin health. some of this benefits as follows:

  • protect skin against of free radicals
  • help to healing wounds
  • positive of saffron in other organs such as liver have benefits for skin
  • helping to treat ticks and boils

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7. saffron benefits for eyes

we can classified saffron benefits for eyes in some section and one of them is controlling eye pressure. based on a clinical trials saffron can decrease eye pressure in glaucoma. in this research 30 person of people that had more than 17 eye pressure selected and were examined.

patients at during of this research consumption 30 mg saffron per day for 3 month and the result show that the second and third month evaluation of eye pressure decreased and recommend to using saffron in a combination with common drugs in eye disease treatment.

saffron and eyes health

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8. saffron benefits for women

saffron have multiple benefits for women such as:

  • Improve PMS syndrome
  • Reduce annoying menstrual symptoms
  • Enhancement of irritability and sexual potency
  • Improve menstrual irregularities

saffron can regulate or increase rate of serotonin, regulate serotonin can improve the unpleasant symptoms before (PMS) and during the menstruation. also saffron can significantly improve menstrual irregularities and all of this properties can increase quality of woman’s life.

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