4 saffron benefits for men

saffron benefits for men is a complex of benefits that have special effect on men and can improve their life quality. sometimes our problems solve only with medical interventions and sometimes the only thing we need is a small change.

many of men suffer from sexual disorders and one the best way to prevent and treating of this disorders is changing lifestyle and use of herbal drugs such as saffron. saffron can improve erectile dysfunction, infertility and some of antidepressant drugs side effects.

saffron benefits for men

  • Improve erectile dysfunction
  • Decrease side effects of antidepressant
  • Improve infertility disorders
  • Anti-cancer activity

1. Improve erectile dysfunction

multiple researches conduct on this subject and most of them verify that saffron can improve erectile disfunction and some of them rejected saffron effect on orgasmic function and sexual desire. so the clear thing is that saffron can be effective on treating erectile dysfunctions.

In one of these researches studied some of men that have ED disorders were examined. in this clinical trials 20 male with ED, evaluated for 10 days and consumption 200 mg saffron tablet each morning. at the result of this research comes international index of erectile function have significant improvement in erectile function.

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saffron benefits for men

2. Decrease side effects of antidepressant

depression is one of biggest problems that human faced with it so ever. probably you know what is the origin of depression prevalence in our age and we don’t want to speak about it. we have lots of methods for prevent or treat depression and one of them is using the combination of herbal and chemical drugs.

this combination increase the rate of improving depression and decrease side effects of disease and antidepressants drugs. this claim has been proven in some of research and clinical trials.

Saffron may improve sexual function in men and women with major depression who are experiencing fluoxetine-induced sexual dysfunction.

3. Improve infertility disorders

a clinical trial has proven saffron has positive effect on men infertility disorders. in this research 52 nonsmoker infertile men were examined. they drank saffron milk in a 3 month period and three time per week and the dosage of each time was 50 mg saffron.

the mean percentage of normal sperm before than treatment was averagely 28% which increased to 38% after treatment. of course this research couldn’t find any direct relation between saffron consumption and sperm count and only evaluated and verify positive effect of saffron on motility and morphology.

Saffron, as an antioxidant, is positively effective on sperm morphology and motility in infertile men, while it does not increase sperm count.

saffron benefits for men

4. Anti-cancer activity

If we want to refer the main cause of cancer we can mention to the free radicals such as ROS. free radicals attack to the cell nucleus and disrupt the cell function and sometimes this attack leads to disorder in cell division and make cancer.

saffron have many of powerful antioxidants such as crocin, safranal and crocetin, this antioxidants can neutralized free radicals. natural producing antioxidant occur in our body at young people, but when get older produce this process stops.

so we should provide needed antioxidants from feeding and in this condition we have 2 choice, eating nutritious foods and using drugs. the best choice we can have is herbal drugs which can provide our needed antioxidants and don’t have serious side effects.


as we say saffron can be effective in treating of many of men disorders but this is not mean saffron is enough for that. saffron is a part of healthy lifestyle and can help you to be happier and healthier. use saffron on a regular and balanced basis.

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