saffron benefits for heart

saffron benefits for heart are a collection of saffron effect on fat metabolism and its effect on heart muscle. saffron can decrease of risk of heart attacks and MI disease. the major factor of heart disease is LDL sedimentation in coronary arteries and saffron can regulate and decrease it directly.

this facts and research doesn’t mean saffron can treat all of heart disease or saffron can be independent drug. saffron can be a ancillary medicine for heart disease only and with this vision let’s review the mechanism of saffron benefits for heart.

Saffron benefits for heart

  • Reduce and regulate cholesterol levels
  • Antioxidant properties of saffron
  • Anti-inflammatory properties


in order to obtain a good view from saffron benefits for heart we categorize it benefits in 3 section. each of this benefits are related and affected by other. let’s check the first:

1. Reduce and regulate cholesterol levels

in the biochemistry science we measurement cholesterol levels with it carrier. lipoproteins are the carrier of fats and consist of ingredients that are soluble in the blood. fats group are insoluble in blood and can’t transfer in blood only. fats join to lipoprotein families and go to all over the body.

LDL is one of this lipoprotein which have high amount of cholesterol and work in bringing it of liver to the body’s organs. for example LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) bring cholesterol to coronary arteries and if increased this function we will have (MI).

researches shows that saffron can decrease 50% of LDL and this have direct relative with MI risk. crocetin is a natural carotenoid antioxidant and can effect the one vascular cell adhesion and decrease of LDL cholesterol. look at to below picture, saffron can decrease of the yellow section in the vessels.

saffron benefits for heart

I remember my professor of Biochemistry at my university say: if we can decrease 1 gram LDL the risk of MI decrease 1%. this is wonderful and exciting.

2. Antioxidant properties of saffron

saffron is an important antioxidant and can affect on our cardiovascular health. research shows that flavonoids are one of most important antioxidant of saffron that can have positive effect on cardiovascular disease. results shows that saffron can help to improve the peoples are in heart disease danger. please read the linked articles.

also research shows that crocetin and two compounds of safranal can increase antibacterial and antiviral physiological activity in the body. all of us know that what’s mean of this activities. these saffron benefits can save us from some of viral and bacterial heart attack.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties

inflammations are a critical mechanism of our immune system against of external and internal destructive factors. do you know why sometimes we don’t like this function and like to against with that? just know that sometimes inflammations can kill us.

one of distractive mechanism of Infectious agents such as coronavirus is indirect activation of immune system. this activation leads to sever inflammation in lungs and this condition leads to decrease of oxygen concentration. decrease of oxygen concentration leads to heart disfunction and upset for us.

saffron can regulation immune system and control inflammatory activity. many of drugs that produced for heart health are based on saffron ingredients. you can read this article for more information.

saffron benefits for heart2

Saffron benefits for heart in traditional Iranian medicine

in traditional Iranian medicine mentioned that saffron can increase heart permeability to drugs and nutrients. recommended to treat heart disease use combination of drugs and saffron. saffron can regulate Rhythmic beats of heart nodes too and this factor can help in regulate blood pressure.

it’s necessary to mention saffron have positive systemic effect on our body’s organs and this can be useful for prevent and treat of heart disease and increase life quality. so you can use of saffron in your food regime and benefit from the properties of saffron.

you can use of saffron in template of saffron drinks such as saffron milk and saffron tea and saffron foods such as saffron rice and saffron sweets.

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