When we speak about saffron benefits for hair, we should refer to the saffron components and say the role of these components on hair. For example, the essential elements of saffron are powerful antioxidant agents that are very good for hair structure.

Our hair is under the direct pressure of multiple stress factors, and we must support our hair. We have some choices, and two of them are chemical drugs and medicinal herbs. What do you think about this decision?

5 Saffron Benefits for Hair

  1. Help hair growth
  2. Prevent hair loss
  3. Increase hair transparency and shine
  4. Strengthen hair follicles
  5. (May) increase hair volume

saffron benefits for hair

1. Saffron Helps Hair Growth

This case of saffron benefits for hair may be an indirect effect, but it is worth thinking about. Saffron has lots of mineral nutrition like Manganese, Iron, and some vitamins. when we consume saffron, we have a natural and powerful multivitamin drug, but in raw form.

So we can say using saffron products can be very useful for our hair health. Also, other saffron benefits can indirectly help hair growth.

Saffron has some positive effects on our modes and our modes have a direct relative with our hair growth and persistence, So, It seems using saffron products helps hair growth.

2. Prevent Hair Loss

One of the most critical and dangerous agents for our hair is stress oxidative. When we eat fast foods, don’t walk, or are under constant anxiety, the number of free radicals in our body increases, and antioxidant agents can’t neutralize them. Scientists named this situation stress oxidative.

We have multiple solutions to increase the antioxidant levels and decrease free radicals. We can go walk daily or eat healthy foods and also we can use medicinal herbs such as saffron.

Saffron can help us in this condition. It has a lot of powerful antioxidants that can reduce stress oxidative and eventually, our hair will be safe. For example, we can refer to crocin, which can neutralize ROS free radicals agents.

saffron benefits for hair

3. Increase Hair Transparency and Shine

Saffron and its ingredients can be helpful for hair transparency and shine. There’s not this statement in research or articles, but this is the experience of Iranian girls when they use saffron in hair mask templates.

Lots of saffron oils and other processed products are on the market that is useful for our hair and face skin. We don’t verify their application, and we aren’t sure we can help with this. Every country’s relative organizations analyze these products and issue the necessary permits.

4. Strengthen Hair Follicles

Some minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in the saffron can be the factor in striking hair follicles. When we eat saffron or use saffron products on our hair, it indirectly affects our hair follicles. The main factor of this effect is not the saffron known ingredients only, and some unknown factors have an important role too.

Saffron is a mysterious herb used for centuries in Iran and other Asian countries. They didn’t know anything about lab analysis and academic research, but they knew this herb isn’t a common spice and has many benefits.

5. May Increase Hair Volume

Some researches show that depression can cause hair thinning and rarely hair loss. Saffron can be very helpful in decreasing depression signs such as hair thinning and side effects of consumption of drugs like Fluoxetine.

Saffron can increase serotonin in nerve terminals, and due to this mechanism, depression goes towards recovery. An increase in serotonin is the primary target of antidepressant drugs, and saffron can do this, but there is two difference:

  1. Saffron is not enough only for treating depression
  2. Saffron is a natural herb-drug

You can read this article for more information:

How to Use Saffron For Hair Health

Saffron has a high rate of absorption and returns in the body, so any of the following methods can be helpful:

  • Eating saffron in foods such as saffron rice
  • Use the saffron hair mask
  • Use saffron oil
  • Use of saffron extract
  • Saffron drinks such as saffron tea and saffron milk
  • Dye hair with saffron

saffron benefits for hair

It seems saffron extracts and saffron oils are the best choices for us. These products have high saffron density and probably have some added supplements that can help our hair. Also, you should be careful about poor products, these products can be even harmful to your hair.

Dye your hair with saffron. It may don’t make any special dye on your hair, but it can increase your hair’s transparency and shine. Using natural hair dye is one of the best ways to protect your hair.

Note of writer: the best idea for saving hair health is a natural product and Return to nature. We may be hit by chemicals one day, but we will never be bothered by nature.

featured image by: Tim Mossholder

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