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Saffron planting Handbook and Video Course (2023)

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2023 membership will start soon.

The course is provided in a personalized way for each person.

Technical support for 12 months

Suitable for home gardens, and farm cultivation

♦ Handbook + Video Course (15 Lessons) + Documents

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Where We can grow saffron?

Saffron can be cultivated in many regions of the world, and basically, it is not possible to name a number of specific countries or cities. The map below shows a part of the saffron cultivable areas, but it is not complete.

You can contact us for more information and to make sure whether saffron can be cultivated in your area or not.


saffron production graph

What do you get by participating in this course?

Tutorials, documents, and videos on planting saffron are everywhere. Just search on Google.

The value we create in this course are two things:
1. Providing a comprehensive roadmap from 0 to 100 planting saffron
2. 12 months of technical support for you


After the end of this course, you can:

Create a wonderful saffron farm and produce saffron with the highest yield (10-20 kg per hectare).

  1. Mary

    I live in Texas and I am interested in growing saffron.
    Can I grow saffron?
    Is due to high labor costs Is saffron planting economical?

    • Hamed Amirkhani

      Hello mary
      Yes, you can grow saffron economically in Texas.

      Saffron planting technology is now very advanced and we can replace expensive labor with saffron planting machines.

      I suggest you read our articles in the saffron planting category to get started and get more information.

  2. william ryan

    I am old school I am confused as to how to but your product

    • Hamed Amirkhani

      We apologize for this problem.
      We will contact you soon.

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