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Saffron Farm Management eBook

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Increase the efficiency of your saffron cultivation by up to 60%.

 Technical Support

Suitable for home gardens, saffron farms, and saffron greenhouses.

♦ Covering farm management techniques in:

  1. Professional Fertilization
  2. Saffron Farm Irrigation
  3. Pest Control
  4. Saffron Harvesting

An extract from our 13-year experience in saffron cultivation to increase the efficiency of your saffron cultivation.

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What are the features of a good saffron farm?

I think a good saffron farm is one that can use all the resources well to get the maximum return from soil, seed, and labor.


If we leave a saffron bulb in a relatively cool place and do not plant it in the soil and do not give it any water, it will still grow and maybe produce saffron, but this is not exactly saffron growing.


The cultivation of saffron is not just about buying a number of saffron bulbs and planting them in the soil and waiting. We need to know all the important things about saffron in order to create a good saffron farm.


Let’s play with the numbers a little and check the farms of two of our saffron friends.


These two friends of ours both have a hectare of saffron farm, both are in the same geographical area, and both have used the same type and the same amount of saffron bulbs.


But one of them harvests 4 kg of saffron from each hectare and the other 7 kg.

Do you know the difference?


The difference is saffron farm management.

Our studies and our research show that we can increase saffron farm efficiency by up to 60% with the right saffron farm management.


Of course, this issue is related to planting saffron, and if we have the right process during saffron cultivation and after that, we can achieve a yield of 30 kg of saffron per hectare at a density of 10 tons of saffron bulbs per hectare.


Saffron farm management is about 3 important things:

1. Saffron bulbs

2. Soil

3. Workforce


If we want to have a good saffron farm, We need to optimize the above.

Let’s talk a little about saffron bulbs. Saffron bulbs are important for us because if they are in the ideal form we have more saffron and more saffron bulbs.


Every year, we should do some things to have saffron bulbs that produce the most saffron spice and the most saffron bulbs. Sometimes we have a lot of saffron bulbs, but we have no saffron flowers.


One of the things that can make this happen is using fertilizers with very high nitrogen. A high percentage of nitrogen in the fertilizer can stimulate the proliferation of saffron bulbs, and in this case, we have many saffron bulbs that are small.


You must know that each saffron bulb must weigh at least 8 grams for flowering, and if the mother bulb keeps multiplying, we won’t have a bulb that weighs more than 8 grams.

In this book, we are going to explain all these points to you so that you can get the maximum possible yield from your farm.

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