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Saffron Planting Course (2023)

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Join us in The Saffron Planting Course for a fascinating exploration into the monumentally important and mysterious world of saffron! The saffron planting Course is your complete guide to learning all about saffron planting worldwide.

How to access the course after registration?

After registering for the course, access to the course and lessons page will be opened for you, and you can enter the pages of each lesson by logging into the site.

You can download the lessons or watch them online.

What language is this course made in?

All courses are made in simple and understandable English with subtitles for all people of the world.

  1. Daniel

    What is the difference between theses two saffron planting course?

    • Hamed Amirkhani

      Planting saffron in the ground teaches the principles of professional saffron cultivation and is suitable for countries with a climate compatible with saffron.

      But greenhouse saffron planting is an optimized method for areas where saffron cultivation is difficult due to various reasons, and with this method, saffron can be cultivated anywhere.

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