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Buy Saffron

Kohan Rishe is an agriculture group that is active in the medicinal herb industry and focuses on saffron crocus. When you decide to buy saffron online, you probably expect something more than a local saffron shop. Here are some of our provided value in this product for you.

We are trying to provide products that do not harm the environment, respect the rights and identities of farmers, are naturally processed, and reach you in a transparent trade route.

1. Buy Pure Saffron

We are saffron a producer and don’t want to destroy this industry for a small amount of dirty money. We are committed to providing 100% pure saffron for you, and to guarantee this, you can have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

2. Direct From Farm

In previous years, we sold our saffron to brokers at a low price, and we had a tough life. But now, we want a more colorful presence in the saffron market and deliver high-quality saffron directly from the farm to your home or business.

We want to reduce the price of saffron enough so that everyone can use it, and removing brokers from the market and increasing saffron production is the first step in this direction.

3. Farmer’s Rights

We are strongly committed to protecting the rights of saffron farmers. We have provided conditions for you to know by whom, where and under what conditions your saffron was produced.

4. Cultivated With Organic Fertilizers

We are one of the organic saffron production advocates and trying to produce saffron without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

We had used these substances for many years to increase the productivity of our farm, but then we saw that our human life and our lands were in danger, and from 2017 until today, we used only organic inputs to plant our saffron.

5. Environmental Protection

We worked hard, eliminated chemical inputs, improved our irrigation, and went back to college so we could write that phrase on the packaging of our products.

We are at the beginning of a great movement. The next step is to promote what we have learned among one hundred thousand saffron farmers worldwide.

Pricing Method

Many people strive to produce every gram of saffron, and the selling price of each gram of saffron should be divided among these people. The share of each person in the production of this saffron and their profits in the price are as follows:

Landowner: 30% of the sales amount

Workers: 25% of the sales amount

Packing and shipping: 20% of the sales amount

Shop: 25% of the sales amount

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