How Many Saffron Threads are in A Gram?

If we look at a saffron pack we will face a large number and various shapes of saffron threads and if we want to answer how many saffron threads are in a gram, we just can count the pack and we haven’t any other way for this work.

How Many Saffron Threads are in a Gram?

In short, there are 550 – 600 saffron threads in a gram of premium saffron spice.

Let’s Count

We have a saffron pack that has 1.5g saffron and we want to count it.

How many saffron threads are in a gram?

We have various types of saffron threads in this saffron pack. Some of them are short and some of them are long. We count two small threads as one long thread.


How many saffron threads are in a gram?

In this step, we counted 100 saffron threads and separated them from the rest of the strings so that we could continue counting the rest of the strings.


How many saffron threads are in a gram?

We got to 300 threads in this step and after counting whole the threads we counted 890 threads. This amount of threads was in 1.5g saffron and we can estimate about 550 – 600 threads in 1g saffron.

Of course, the number of saffron threads in 1 gram is relative to the type of saffron. Our saffron was the premium type of saffron and if you consider other types, may gain a different number.

Applications of One Gram of Saffron

This amount of saffron almost is enough Consumption for two months for a family of four. We can use it for cooking various foods or making various drinks such as saffron tea, saffron milk, or saffron syrup.

Remember that you should grind and brew saffron when you need it and if you brew saffron and store it for an unknown time, probably its shelf life is reduced and its quality gradually decreases. But, if we store saffron in the initial state, we can maintain it for at least two years.

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