growing saffron in pots

growing saffron in pots can be exiting experience for you and your family. the only thing you should to do is buy some saffron bulbs and prepare some pots. then you can harvest 2 grams saffron per 1 kg saffron bulbs. each 1 kg of saffron bulb should be use for 1 Square meters.

this saffron will be organic and full of benefit for your health. planting saffron in home can be do at garden, box or pots. we can say 20 median saffron bulbs is suitable for an ordinarily box.

let’s go to growing saffron in pots.

1. Buy saffron bulbs

The first thing is preparing saffron bulbs. You can buy saffron bulbs from online or local shop. the suitable bulbs for growing saffron in pots should be in large size (more than 12 g) and have been disinfected.

Remember when you prepared saffron bulbs, plant them as soon as possible. because saffron bulbs out of the soil are in the danger of infectious and illness the best time for buying saffron bulbs is middle of summer. in this time saffron bulbs are in the sleep phase and displacement them is not harmful.

growing saffron in pots

2. Prepare the pots

In this step you should prepare some pots. each 5 saffron bulbs need 1 small pots. remember if you plant 5 bulbs in a pots in this year you will have more than 20 saffron bulbs in the seventh years.

The pots should have Proper drainage to exit the excess water. You can use each container for the growing saffron and it haven’t any problem but your pots deep should be at least 25 cm.

3. Prepare suitable soil

What do you think about this step and why preparing suitable soil is important?

While we can displacement the bulbs every summer but usually the soil that we used for growing saffron in pots will be stay in pots for 7 years and its necessary to be rich of nutrient. so prepare the best possible soil.

4. Plant saffron bulbs in the pots

after buy and disinfecting saffron bulbs you should planting them in the pots. Dig a pit 20 cm deep and put 5 or 6 bulbs in it and Pour soil on pit.

growing saffron in pots

5. Water and fertilizer

saffron is a plant with low requirement water in the vegetative season and don’t need any water in the summer too. the first water should do at first month of fall. this water must be deep and full of nutrient.

second saffron irrigation is after than harvesting saffron in 50th day of fall and this water is important too. the role of this water is helping propagate saffron bulbs. we usually use of organic fertilizer for this step of nutrition.

3rd and 4rd step of water is optional and done at winter. this waters can help saffron bulbs to get bigger. your bulbs increases every year, so every mother bulb can divide to 2 or 3 daughter bulb.

6. Harvesting saffron

after than 45 days of fall saffron flower appear. in this time we should harvest, cleaning and drying saffron flowers. for harvesting you should pick up flowers at early morning and the separate stigmas from flowers. look at below picture to learn how to cleaning saffron flowers.

each of bulbs that be more than 8 gr can be flowering and if it be more than 15 gr can flowering 10 times in the growing season.

growing saffron in pots

after cleaning saffron flower you will have wet saffron stigma, note that this saffron can’t be used and should be dryed. you can use of heating devices to drying saffron. spread saffron on a paper and put on heating device, this process may take 2 or 3 hours.

saffron pots harvesting

whenever the humidity of the saffron get to less than 10%, saffron is dried and ready to store or use. you can store the saffron at the Cool, dark and dry environment.

Our consultants are ready to answer your questions about planting saffron in pots. You can comment your questions below this post. we will be accountable as soon as possible.

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