We started our saffron Journey in the USA from California, and now and in this step, we are in Arizona and want to have provided some information about growing saffron in Arizona.

Did you know that deserts are the real home of saffron, and we can grow saffron in deserts?

Arizona Climate for Saffron Cultivation

Saffron is a resistant and compatible plant that can grow in a wide range of climates, but deserts are the real home of the saffron crocus, and we can grow saffron in deserts. To plant saffron in the desert, we should provide two things:

  1. Enough water
  2. Soil without salinity

We think Arizona climates can easily meet both conditions and even more than that.

The temperature range in Arizona is between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the warm season, which is excellent for growing saffron.

If you look at Iran’s saffron farms’ climates, you can see the same conditions, and this means we are so close to growing saffron professionally in Arizona.


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Greenhouse Saffron Cultivation Course

With this method of planting saffron, you can grow saffron with the highest productivity anywhere in the world.

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Arizona’s agricultural irrigation network is also excellent and can provide enough water for saffron fields, and we can rely on it to supply farm water.

The other positive factor about Arizona for growing saffron is the prolonged and sufficient sunlight in this area. Adequate sunlight in winter can lead to significant multiplication of saffron bulbs underground and increase foliar fertilization efficiency.

saffron farm

Growing Saffron in Arizona

We have three main saffron growing methods that you can use for growing saffron in Arizona:

  1. Greenhouse saffron cultivation
  2. Growing saffron on ground
  3. Growing saffron indoors

Each method has some advantages, and it is back to you to decide which way to choose. If you have a farm with a good soil structure, growing saffron in the ground is a suitable method for you. In this method, we plant bulbs in the soil just once and then harvest saffron for at least seven years.

Greenhouse saffron cultivation is suitable in ten percent of cases and not economically in other situations. In short, if you live in an area where extreme climate change damages saffron flowers during the saffron harvest season, you can start growing saffron in the greenhouse.

Growing saffron at home is the next saffron growing method that we can use. In this method, we plant some saffron bulbs in a box or a small garden in our home and harvest some saffron for our usage.

Of course, If we act professionally, we can grow saffron at home and make a profit. But most of the time, this method isn’t enough for going to market and playing a role.


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Join us in The Saffron planting Course for a fascinating exploration into the monumentally important and mysterious world of saffron!

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Saffron bulb

Buying saffron bulbs is the most important part of your investment in saffron growing. The best time for purchasing saffron bulbs in Arizona is summer, and we should plant saffron bulbs on the ground in two weeks.

If you want to buy saffron bulbs in any quantity, you can contact our collection support to introduce the best suppliers of saffron bulbs around you.

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