Some of our audiences have asked us if they can grow saffron in Texas and earn money. We created this post to discuss the possibility of planting saffron in Texas and Its profits. We hope you find it helpful.

We know saffron is the king of spices, and more than 90% of its production is done in Iran. But we can grow saffron in other countries like the US and participate in this industry. Let’s start with the possibility of growing saffron in Texas.


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Does Saffron Grow in Texas?

Yes, texas is one of the best climates for growing saffron in the US. When we look at the saffron growing conditions, we come to some important principles:

  • Existence of a relatively hot and dry climate
  • Soil and water without salinity (EC<2)
  • Sufficient water and rain ( About 400 ml per year)
  • Existence of a minimum temperature of a few days close to zero
  • Maximum temperature less than 50 degrees in summer

Texas is good at most or all of these principles, and this says to us we can grow saffron in texas. Also, some farmers in West and Central Texas started growing saffron a few years ago and have been successful, and now they are developing their farms.

saffron flower

Profits of Growing Saffron in Texas

Growing saffron in Texas similar to other parts of the country has two main revenue streams;

  1. Growing saffron and sell
  2. Saffron bulbs production

Imagine we want to have a thousand-meter saffron farm. what will be the costs and revenues?

We should buy about 700 kg of saffron bulbs and prepare a thousand-meter farm. This saffron farm can produce 0.5 to 1.5 kg of saffron for seven years. As you know, the average price of saffron in the United States is between $ 6 and $ 12.

So, If you harvest as little as 500 grams of saffron and sell it for $ 8 per gram, you will make about $ 4,000 a year. This process has been continued for seven server years. You only plant bulbs in the ground once and harvest for up to seven years.

Also, you will have another revenue. After seven years, you can take the bulbs out of the ground and plant them elsewhere or sell them. The difference is that your bulbs have multiplied up to seven times and have reached about 4,000 kilograms.

After all, this is a business, and you can produce high value-added products with a bit of creativity. Many scientists and people believe in saffron and its benefits, and this is a golden opportunity to make products in the food, cosmetics, and health industries.


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Saffron bulbs

When you make your decision to enter the saffron business, you should start your work with learning. It would help if you learned how to plant saffron with the highest efficiency and process your saffron for the market.

After this, you should buy some saffron bulbs and start your journey.

Our constant advice is to start your work with a small number of saffron bulbs so that in the first year, you can experience all your training in practice, and in the next year, you can invest and cultivate saffron extensively.

saffron bulbs

Saffron Growing Timeline in Texas

First of all, we should plow the farm in winter or spring. The best time to plow the land is in February and March, but if you can’t plow the ground at this time, it is not a problem, and you can plow the land in early summer.

After plowing the farm, we should prepare saffron bulbs, and the best time for buying saffron bulbs is in summer. Note that you can’t keep saffron bulbs out of the soil for more than two weeks, and it is better to plant them in the ground for up to two weeks.

We should plant saffron bulbs in the soil in summer. You can plant bulbs in the ground throughout the summer, and there is no time priority for this, but be careful not to irrigate the land after planting the bulbs.

The saffron weeds will leave the ground in late October, and the saffron flowers will grow about 20 days later. Now you can harvest your saffron flowers and clean them.


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