our story

we started our professional career in early of 2018 with providing services for planting and construction of saffron farms in Middle East. we help to lots of people to build their saffron farm and make it profitable. but this wasn’t enough for us and in middle of 2021 we started to experience a new challenge.

why kohan rishe?

we are not oldest company or we do not have a large organizational structure, we are just a young group of spice expert that do every thing to achieve our goals and mission. we work hard and try to create values for whole of our partners.

we think some our advantages are:

  • Using digital world solutions in business
  • Create a decentralized work system to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Use young and motivated forces to manage teams
  • Farmers are happy to work with us
  • We work for survival, not for earn much money.

saffron was our start point and our main specialty, but now, we are continuous expanding and our products is developing. our work is based on research and diligence.

farm to market

We want to take a step forward in this cycle and get closer to you and for achieving this goal, we decided to build a society from spice farms and make a relation between this network and market. for example, our saffron cycle is as follows: 

In this regard, we try to create values for both parties in this relationship.

The values we create for buyers

  • Supply of spice perfectly tailored to customer needs
  • Production of spice in accordance with the market of the target country
  • Guarantee the originality and quality of the goods
  • Conduct market analysis and research
  • Ensure regular and continuous supply

The values we create for farmers

  • Increase the producer’s share of revenue
  • Advice to produce spice in accordance with market needs
  • Facilitate the marketing and sales process
  • Help expand the manufacturing business

Our social responsibility

why we are doing this?

it’s clear, we strive to make some money and have something worthwhile. but this isn’t the whole of story.

there is uncomfortable problem in some of country and that is working children. working children forced have to work for any reason and it makes them unable to learn the right skills to earn money in the community. so probably you guessed it what will happen?

we want to be effective and decide to help some of this children to learn some digital skills to have better life. we plan to dedicate part of the collection revenue to buying a computer and hiring an expert for this target.spthrWe have started research and studies on the spice market and market needs and will soon unveil our new products.but this wasn’t enough for us and in middle of 2021 we started to experience a new challenge.

mehdi amirkhani

Sales Manager

hamed amirkhani

hamed amirkhani

Content Marketing Manager

hosein amirkhani

farms manager