Our specialty, our profession, our interest, and in other words our whole life is saffron. We opened our eyes to a family that lives by growing saffron. We grew up in saffron fields, working there, and connected with the world with saffron.

Now we are here and we want to find more saffron friends and gather them together, we think every saffron farmer can be an ambassador and can help spread saffron in the world.

We will try to transfer the knowledge of saffron cultivation to people all over the world, and in this way, we will be able to deliver saffron to the homes of all the people of the world.

Saffron is never a luxury and expensive commodity, saffron is a divine gift for all the people of the world, and it is our duty as industry activists to try to spread the culture of using saffron.

So join us to be our friend and ambassador of saffron around your place of residence.


Why We Created Kohan Rishe?

  1. Earn some money and continue living
  2. Efforts to reduce prices and increase the consumption of saffron among families 
  3. Creating a sustainable supply chain for saffron
  4. Improving the quality of life of workers and working children on saffron farms

What are we going to do?

  1. High efficiency saffron planting training
  2. Teaching how to plant saffron organically
  3. Supply of saffron with the principles of fair trade
  4. Removing brokers and send products from the farm to consumer
  5. Creating an efficient network of saffron and medicinal plant enthusiasts around the world


1. Construction of 45 saffron farms in Iran, India, Afghanistan, United States, Kenya, and Italy

2. Training to build more than 200 saffron home gardens around the world

3. Advice on optimizing the performance of saffron farms around the world

4. Supply of saffron bulbs in Iran

5. Buying and selling saffron in the world market for more than 10 years

6. Record of most harvests from saffron farms with 30 kg per hectare