We are a family…
We love and believe in nature.

We started this academy as a family business so that we can earn some money in the first step and in the next steps we can make our dreams come true.

Yes, we are dreamers.

We have beautiful dreams, we believe that nature is the source of all healing, peace, and happiness in our lives and we can ask nature for whatever we need and nature will give us whatever we want.

If you want the health of your body and soul, turn to nature.
If you want peace of mind, ask nature.
If you want love, learn from nature.

And we are here to be with you on this path.

Who are we and where do we live?

Our family’s main residence is in Spain, but a true nature lover settles somewhere with nature, so we are constantly traveling to explore.

Our academy is one of the brands of ARIO RICO S.L. in Valencia, Spain.