We’re a Family-Owned Small Business.

We are a nature-centered online academy. We will try to build a community, a community of people who are interested in learning from nature and from each other!

We are not just another school or lecturer. We are the teachers, the leaders, and the mentors who want to make a change in your life. Get studied at your own pace; develop your skills; and learn from nature to become heroes of tomorrow.

We started this academy as a family business so that we can earn some money in the first step and in the next steps we can make our dreams come true.

Yes, we are dreamers.

This means companionship with nature
Natural and unedited

This means companionship with nature; Natural and unedited

We have beautiful dreams, we believe that nature is the source of all healing, peace, and happiness in our lives and we can ask nature for whatever we need and nature will give us whatever we want.

If you want the health of your body and soul, turn to nature.
If you want peace of mind, ask nature.
If you want love, learn from nature.

And we are here to be with you on this path.

Who are we and where do we live?

Our family’s main residence is in Spain, but a true nature lover has no home but forests, plains, and fields, so we are constantly traveling to explore.

And we would like you to join us in this exploration. We may not be the best in technology and provide you with a great user experience, but we will do our best to bring you an extract of nature’s teachings in the best possible way.

Our academy is one of the brands of ARIO RICO S.L. in Valencia, Spain.

register No: B67677674