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Saffron Planting Training

The base of our work is Construction, management and increasing the productivity of saffron farms and we work on many of saffron farms so far.

We can help you to Create a saffron farm, Manage it and Increase its efficiency

saffron Crocus

Our family planted saffron for centuries and now we inherit this precious heritage.

Now, we want to share our knowledge about saffron and saffron benefits with you to inform you about this devine spice.

Negin saffron types

Saffron Recipe

We can use saffron in a variety of foods, drinks and dessert and we have no limitation in using saffron in our daily foods.

But there are some of foods and drinks that are more common and popular than other food types. saffron milk, saffron tea, saffron rice and chicken, and more…